This website is intended for the pottery enthusiast.

Whether you pot yourself or just enjoy OPP (other people's pottery) this may be the place for you.

I collect inexpensive pottery pieces at garage sales and thrift shops.  Sometimes the pieces are cracked

or broken, I save them from the bin and enjoy and appreciate the talent, time and work that went into the piece.


The contents of this part will be for treasures that I have found and find interesting for one or more of many reasons.

Sometimes the piece itself is unique in it's shape, color or texture.  Sometimes the glaze is so beautiful that I just

need to find a recipe to recreate it.  Often I just like it for no reason.

MY Pottery

I have been playing with clay for many years, There have been years that have been unproductive for me, for various

reasons.  This last break has been way too long, over four years.  I hope to be more creative with pottery now, I've had

a lot of time to think of new projects, glazes and ideas in general.


If you would like to connect with me online, email me at


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